How well do you know Shoreditch? 

Answer our quiz and then scroll down to the end of the page to see the answers.


  1. Which singer from Shoreditch sang a Bond film theme song, and what was the song?
  2. Where can you find 5 ship cannons from the Napoleonic Wars?
  3. What stood on the site before Hackney Community College?
  4. What date was Haggerston Park opened, and Shoreditch Park?
  5. Which major Music Hall was bombed out in the early days of the 2nd World War?
  6. What hangs above the former Green Man pub in Hoxton Street?
  7. What was the name of the pie and mash shop which used to be opposite Hoxton Hall?
  8. Who has a school named after him and a statue in the House of Commons? Bonus point, where is he buried?
  9. Which former Shoreditch Street was recently dug up by the Museum of London and shown on television in a Time Team special?
  10. What is known locally as May Scott's and why?
  11. What was the name of the award-winning stained glass factory which used to be in Kingsland Road?
  12. Which building was recently discovered near Curtain Road (and the name of the road is linked)?
  13. How many years did it take to build the Regent's Canal?
  14. Which sport was Shoreditch Town Hall most famous for?
  15. What was the green space in the heart of St Mary's estate in Haggerston?
  16. What year was the London Borough of Shoreditch merged into the London Borough of Hackney?
  17. 'When I grow rich, say the bells of Shoreditch',but which church does this refer to?
  18. This former Haggerston astronomer, gets a look in every 76 years, who and why?
  19. What's the name of the famous toy shop which used to be in Hoxton Street and is now off Tottenham Court Road?
  20. What is the oldest tree specie in Shoreditch and where can you see it?
  21. Which famous doctor with an illness named after him has a blue plaque and where is it?
  22. When was Shoreditch first named in official documents?



  1. Matt Monro and 'From Russia with Love'
  2. Dorothy Thurtle Gardens in Shoreditch Park
  3. Shoreditch School
  4. 1956 and 1973
  5. The Britannia
  6. A hand
  7. Fortune's
  8. Thomas Fairchild, buried in the gardens next to Ye Olde Axe in Hackney Road
  9. Dorchester Street
  10. Hoxton Hall, which was run by an inspirational May Scott for many years.
  11. Goddard and Gibbs
  12. The Theatre where Shakespeare performed and was a forerunner for the Globe.
  13. Eight
  14. Boxing
  15. A graveyard
  16. 1965
  17. St Leonards
  18. Edmond HALLEY '- Halley's Comet returns to our skies every 76 years, next expected 2061.
  19. Pollocks
  20. Gingko Biloba - harking back to the prehistoric period. There are 2 along Whitmore Road on the edge of the Provost Estate.
  21. Parkinson - in Hoxton Square
  22. 1086 - Doomsday book